Art Show

The Rockwell Museum welcomed Art Option and Adaptive Art students for a new student exhibition program in collaboration with CPPHS art teachers Sharron Holland and Megan Wukovitz and CPPMS art teacher Maria Goldwyn. 

Students took inspiration from The Rockwell’s collection back to their classrooms to create mixed media, process-based pieces. Under the direction of the art teachers, students worked both independently and collaboratively to create their artwork. This project was focused on creative thinking and developing fine motor skills of students with unique needs.

From the Rockwell Website, Collection Inspiration:

Teacher Maria Goldwyn said, "Students loved going to the museum and creating paintings and weavings inspired by artwork on display at the Rockwell. To then be able to take a field trip back to the Rockwell Learning Lab and have their photos taken with their artwork on display was such a wonderful experience. We all celebrated with a pizza lunch on Market Street after. The students are thankful and we couldn't have done this without the help of the staff/docents at the Rockwell, SEPTA, and the CPPMS PTA. I look forward to future art projects and displays in the years to come."

“Having this exhibit and the field trip to the museums with our Art Option classes has been a goal of ours for years,” said teacher Megan Wukovitz. She continued, “We met with the Rockwell Museum in the fall of 2021 to plan this event and we had many meetings to discuss what the visits to the museum would look like and create a social story that outlined the field trip for students. The president of SEPTA, Bev Stephens, attended our preparatory meetings and SEPTA sponsored the reception. The Art Option Program brings process based art to all students and this opportunity helps showcase the vision the art department shares with the district valuing inclusion and collaboration within our community.”