WENY - Cookies and Careers

The Career Development Council held a Cookies and Careers event this week at CPPMS. Eighth graders learned about Meteorology, Graphic Design, Nursing, Entrepreneurship, Business and Finance and Protective Services from experts in those fields. Cookies and Careers connects students directly with individuals and organizations from a wide variety of fields to learn more through interactive presentations.  

Thank you to Ben Calkins, Dippity Do Dahs Homemade Ice Cream; Brian Brass, Steuben County Sheriff’s Office; Jennifer Hepinger, Guthrie; Joe Veres, WENY; Marc Croteau, Thirsty Fish Graphic Design and Skylar Harwood, Corning Credit Union.  

Thank you to Lori Hardee, Career Education Resource Specialist, Career Development Council, Inc, for the images.