Severn Celebrates Reading

Severn Roadrunners enjoyed some fun outdoors last week as a reward for their achievement in the Kids Read Now summer reading program. Principal John Whaley set the challenge at the start of the summer stating students who read eight books would get to enjoy a fun afternoon at Denison Park when back at school. That occurred on Wednesday with over 120 students who met the reading challenge. They enjoyed kickball, a hippity hop relay, and other fun activities at the park. Mr. Whaley said, “The students were looking forward to this and there were a lot of ‘thank yous' and smiles today.” 

 “Our Severn families and students enthusiastically participated in the program over the summer and this will only help the students throughout the school year,” Mr. Whaley said. “The program keeps their reading skills sharp and focused and also engages our families over the summer. My hope is that participation continues to grow each year,” he said.