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Update from Superintendent Michelle Caulfield - Friday, March 5, 2021


To Our CPP Community,


  There are many conversations happening across our community and State about schools re-opening.  Some districts have not had the same luxury of opening up in a hybrid model and have been remote all year. Some districts have had the opportunity to be open five days a week.  These district specific decisions have been based on meeting the requirements from the New York Department of Health and the New York State Education Department.  As we navigate these conversations in our own community, I think it is important to have the facts.  We are in the hybrid model because of the 6 foot social distancing requirement.  For us to consider offering more days of in-person instruction, we need that 6 foot social distancing requirement to change. 


As a district, we are excited about the opportunities this change could bring for our students, families and community.  We have begun planning for transportation, furniture return, food service and instructional needs.


In anticipation of this potential change, we will be sending home a survey similar to the one we sent in August asking families to determine whether they would like to be in-person or virtual.  Please look for that survey from your child’s principal toward the end of next week. 


I would also like to share our 2019-2020 Annual Report with you.  When you spend most of your days doing the work, you sometimes miss all the amazing things that are happening around you.  The Annual Report allows us to see how we navigated a challenging Spring while honoring the incredible events that happened before that infamous day in March. In addition, there is a tribute to former Superintendent Michael Ginalski.  He attacked incredible challenges while in his leadership position and won.  Our district, schools, families and communities are better for it.  I hope as you read through these pages that you, like me, are in awe of our Hawk Nation!


Thank you all for your dedication to our kids and community. 


Michelle Caulfield, Superintendent of Schools 

Annual Report Link


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