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    Although CPP schools and district buildings, including the Administrative Building on Charles St. in Painted Post, are closed, you can still call the district (607) 936-3704 or email using ask@cppmail.com

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    Update: Schools across NYS are closed until April 29th. Parents/guardians will have an update from CPP on instruction later this week.

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Superintendent's Message


Monday, April 6th


Dear Parents, Students and Community Members,

  You probably have heard that earlier today two significant actions were taken by the state which affect the district and all of you directly.  As expected, the Governor has closed school until “at least” April 29. If we are lucky enough to go back I can confirm that the date to return is April 29-not April 30.  Clearly the situation is really fluid and unless cases, hospitalizations, deaths, etc from COVID-19 decrease I can’t say for sure when we are going back. People are asking- I just don’t know.

In that regard though, we can and should do what they are asking. Stay home. Our parents and grandparents had to endure five years of food rations, gas rations and life came to a complete halt in the country with everyone focused on America’s efforts in World War 2.  Jack Wheeler, the Steuben County Executive, is all but begging for us to do our part, much like Americans did in World War 2 but we are only being asked to stay home, social distance and not congregate. I’d like to think that we can do what they are asking. This is all pretty simple- the more we do now, the sooner life gets back to normal. So please stay home.

Also today, the Board of Regents cancelled all Regents exams for June 2020. There will be guidance provided later this week as far as how that impacts graduation requirements. I will share those the same day once they are announced. I am hearing from many seniors who are concerned about everything from summer school to graduating on time. This future clarification should help answer many of those questions.

Many of our CPPHS kiddos excited to attend the Prom probably saw that Mrs. Sheehan postponed the Prom until June 20. Our desire here to give these kids as much of their school year as we can.  We are going to be looking at many events and will reschedule what we can. The staff very much wants the students to have these opportunities so the students can trust we’ll do everything in our power to reschedule everything that we can.

Lastly, you will all be receiving a communication from me later this week about accessing work for the April 15-May 15 period. There will be specific instructions noted in the letter and you’ll be informed how to access work. Obviously some will either need or prefer paper copies and my staff is working really hard to provide those. But the instructions will be clear. It’s a little trickier now because of the social distancing recommendation.

Also for all of our parents who have special needs children, a specific message will be coming from Jennifer Batzing, Director of PPS. This will include direction on accessing work and staff along with a FAQ for parents.

I’d like to thank all of you for your patience as we work through this. From the many conversations I have had with parents these last three weeks, I can tell that normalcy and what is “school” is being seriously missed right now. On the flip side, we miss the kids and have such great appreciation for what you are going through managing this new normal. While planning and work at our end is not easy, your patience and support keep us going.  Thanks for the support!

Mike Ginalski


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