HS and Elementary Students Collaborated on Hour of Code

Hour of Code

                Introducing young students to computer science is one of the main goals of the Hour of Code and it is a tradition that continues at Hugh Gregg Elementary School annually. Principal Ann Collins said the Hour of Code, which is supported with Computer Science students from the high school, is a fun, interesting and creative activity. This year’s event was held December 10th. “Although our students are able to use computers in school, this day is different and offers a glimpse into a different way to use our devices,” she said. “It raises the bar even further by inspiring students to discover new ways of thinking and expressing themselves through technology, at every grade level. By exposing our students to coding in elementary school, we open up opportunities for students to try new things that may impact their future,” she added.


Gregg School hosted their first Hour of Code in December, 2016 following Ms. Collins’ attendance at the Future of Education Technology Conference in January, 2016. The nationwide event began in December, 2013 and has since become an international event. The event itself at Gregg centers on a long-standing collaboration with Corning-Painted Post High School, specifically teacher Mr. Joe Melanson. Ms. Collins said, “Mr. Melanson has partnered with us for many years and has consistently supported bringing his high school coders over to support the initiative and to provide additional support for our students and staff throughout the building. We appreciate being able to showcase their work and provide role models for our students to interact with. It is a win-win for both sets of students.”


One of the high school students who participated in this year’s Hour of Code at Hugh Gregg was senior Alivia Jiang. She said, “I honestly have forgotten what it was like to be in elementary school, but the students were so much more advanced than I expected. They were so curious, they really inspired me with the way they processed learning the program and their overall creativity. Hour of Code is so beneficial especially for youth because coding helps to teach problem solving skills, and they can also feel pride in their finished product."


Ms. Collins concluded, “One of the best parts about this annual event is watching as students navigate and build their coding skills as they progress through the years. We get a chance to practice our Growth Mindset skills: challenges help me grow, feedback is constructive, I can keep trying, I can get better if I keep practicing.”  


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