CPPMS Yearbook Published and Scheduled for Distribution

Amberene staff

ALT E R Your Thinking is a theme that was developed by 31 CPP Middle School students in September of 2020. Adviser Ms. Carrie Howe said, "This was a shift from a previous theme students were working towards prior to the Pandemic. We were lucky to experience, process and develop what we call our old theme because it made shifting to ALT E R Your Thinking a theme that is relatable to students and our community, we could process quickly and could manage producing with all of our new guidelines in school. We used what we knew and applied the process to selecting our Amberene 2021 theme."

She added, "As an adviser at the middle school I could not be more proud of our students, they are a family and have formed long lasting bonds with each other they can carry into HS. What seemed like loads and loads of additional work and new decisions and processes to consider was a task they made feel easy."

Ms. Howe said, "Amberene staff have one last task to tend to; distributing the 2021 Yearbook to students on June 17th period 9. Cohort C students can pickup their copies anytime June 17th to take home only."



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