Remote Learning Plan

Last Updated: 8/15/2020 10:22 PM

Corning-Painted Post School District 

Remote Learning Plan


The Corning-Painted Post School District recognizes that the shift to remote learning may be challenging and every care will be taken to be as flexible as possible when providing  instruction and support to our remote learners.  The key to establishing a successful Remote Learning Community is to create a solid foundation in the remote learning environment.  This begins by building strong relationships with all students and families in the remote learning setting. Instruction at the start of the school year and throughout will include time that is devoted to addressing the importance of student preparation, motivation, engagement, and the development of clear expectations for what learning will look like each day in a Remote Learning Community.  Activities will be designed to meet the needs of students in the remote learning environment through differentiated experiences that are consistent with those of their grade-level peers attending in-person.  


Teacher Expectations in a Remote Learning Community:  


  • Teachers will teach students in the remote learning community from their classrooms.

  • Teachers will provide instruction in  a two-way, real-time, live environment during each school day. 

  • Teachers will utilize the same curriculum with students who attend in-person and remotely, utilizing strategies to engage students in both environments.

  • Consistent communication will provide the foundation to ensure that the needs of students are addressed in the areas of academics and social and emotional learning.  

  • Grading will be consistent whether the student is in a remote learning environment or in-person. 

  • Student supports such as Academic Intervention, Special Education Services, ELL Services, and Counseling will be provided remotely and during in-person opportunities. 


Student Expectations in a Remote Learning Community:


  • Remote learners will join their in-person peers via Google Classroom for synchronous instruction. 

  • Remote learners will participate in a five-day established schedule for remote learning that includes breaks, movement, and the coursework that students in-person receive.

  • Remote learners will follow the District Code of Conduct (including Dress Code). 

  • Remote learners will use the features of our technology platform to engage in discussion, participate in class activities, and complete assignments. 

  • Remote learners will be encouraged to utilize the camera feature to show their face during instructional time in order to engage with the teacher virtually. 


Tools for Remote Learning:


The District has streamlined the number of technology platforms that are used across the district.  Teachers in grade levels and departments will utilize common platforms for instruction.  The tools will provide multiple ways for students to actively participate in a remote learning community and demonstrate mastery of Learning Standards.  


  • The District will provide all students with a learning device.

  • The District will provide technical support and will be available to students and care providers. 

  • Students will follow district guidelines for device care and use to ensure they are effectively maintained. 


Number of students

Remote Learning Student Population Information



Asynchronous Learning is a curricular experience where students engage in the learning materials on their own time. This mode of learning will be used on an as-needed basis.  Instructional materials will be developed by classroom, department or grade level teachers and will be available via a portable storage device or downloaded to a device during in-person scheduled meetings.  Completed assignments will be utilized as evidence of student learning. 


Mode of Remote Learning




A schedule has been developed that is mindful of the number of hours students spend in front of their computer screen. Teachers will communicate the remote learning schedule to students and families prior to the start of each week.  The schedule will include learning opportunities in a full group setting via Google Meet and Google Classroom and time will be allotted for off-site independent work. The remote learning schedule has time built in for breaks, movement and a daily opportunity for skills practice, math fact work, independent reading, art projects, etc.  Scheduled time will focus on a combination of class meetings, social/emotional development and direct instruction in English/Language Arts, math, science, social studies and related arts. 


Each day includes a scheduled Morning Meeting that provides an opportunity for community building, establishing expectations for the day and a consistent check-in time with students.  Direct instruction will be provided using a combination of whole group, small group, and one-to-one instruction, determined by the teacher throughout the day.  Students will receive Related Arts instruction on a four or five week rotation in Art, Music, Physical Education, and Library.  




Students at the high school and middle school levels will receive a consistent,  five-day class schedule that they will follow while in a remote learning environment. This is the same schedule students would follow if they were in-person, except on Wednesdays where the schedule is modified but consistent week after week. This schedule allows for all of the same courses to be offered as if we were in-person.


For attendance purposes, students will be expected to log in at the scheduled class start time. The time in each class will include a combination of whole group, small group, one-to-one instruction, or independent work as needed and determined by the teacher. Incorporation of learning supports will be scheduled into the day. This daily routine is a key step in the relationship building process between teachers and students as well as students and their peers. These steps are critical in increasing student motivation and engagement and will ensure consistency and continuity of instruction. A consistent schedule helps to eliminate conflicts and builds natural breaks (study halls, lunch, transition times) into the day for students.


Learning objectives will be met and assessed  through a combination of synchronous large group instruction that incorporates and engages both in-class and remote learners as part of a whole-class relationship.  There will be opportunities for small group instruction and interaction. 


Special Education


Services that a student qualifies for and receives through the school district will continue to be provided in a remote learning environment. To the greatest degree possible, those services will continue to be provided at the same level of frequency and intensity in the remote learning  environment as they are provided when we are present in the school buildings. In some cases, there may be individual student needs which require us to modify the delivery of services in the remote learning environment.


Internet and Device Access Among Students 


The Corning-Painted Post School District is a 1:1 district; each student has a Chromebook or laptop that is used to access all digital materials needed for success in a remote learning setting. Internet accessibility will be addressed based on the individual needs of families as identified in our Instructional Commitment Form.   

Equity Gaps


The District will work with families to help overcome connectivity obstacles. Mobile Hotspots from Verizon and T-Mobile have been purchased and may be distributed to families on an as-needed basis.  The District will share the locations of public wifi and provide wifi in the safety of our school parking lots for families to connect. The District will continue to explore ways to support families with limited or no access to internet connectivity. One step may include the formation of a district team which specifically focuses on addressing the needs of families without access or reliable access as we move into the 2020-2021 school year. 


Students with internet connectivity issues will also have access to:


  • digital materials offline  

  • district-issued portable storage device 


Attendance and Chronic Absenteeism


The Corning-Painted Post School District has an adopted  Comprehensive Attendance Policy.  The goal of the policy is to increase and encourage consistent school attendance and this remains the goal during any model of instruction.  We believe that school attendance positively impacts academic success, school completion and graduation.  We will work to address a student’s or family’s barriers to attendance or engagement with instruction through the following:  


  • The District will continue to use School Tool to collect and report daily student attendance while in a remote or hybrid schedule. 

  • The District will utilize online and in-person attendance systems to ensure student engagement is collected and reported in accordance with NYSED criteria.  

  •  The District, in accordance with NYSED guidance, will utilize adults in the school who have established connections with students and/or families to provide student support.  

  • The District will work to assign a student ally to students with internet connectivity issues. 

  • The District will work to assign a student ally to students who are not engaging in learning experiences. 

  • The District will provide translation for families who speak a language other than English in the home. 

  • The District will continue to partner with our local departments of Social Services (LDSS) to address concerns related to child welfare.  

Child Nutrition 

The District will provide access to meals for families who are attending remotely or not scheduled for in-person instruction (A/B).  A detailed meal plan will be communicated to all families via our school website. 

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