Capital Improvements Project 2019 - Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated: 8/13/2019 7:51 PM

Why is this project important to do now?
This project will culminate a nearly 30-year discussion about how to address District facilities and more than ten years of capital work. The Board of Education is adamant about keeping the District on track for renovations.

“When we began our community outreach in 2008-09, the one consistent theme we heard from residents from Lindley and East Corning and everywhere in between was that we must be committed going forward to never allowing our facilities to fall into disrepair again. We heard that loud and clear. This effort backs up our commitment to do so,” Superintendent Mike Ginalski said.

With this final push of Capital Project work, the District will be in a manageable situation and avoid major referendums in the future. Going forward, District residents will see small maintenance projects from 2030 and beyond, and this vote is crucial to get to that point.

This project includes an Energy Performance Contract. What is it, and how is it beneficial to the District?
The Energy Performance Contract (EPC), completed by Day Automation, will fund energy saving building improvements, including all new LED lighting and modern utility controls across the District. The EPC allows for the District to cover the costs of energy efficiency upgrades by using the savings generated by these upgrades. The energy savings and incentives offered by New York State will end up saving the District more than it initially spends, in addition to lowering tax rates over time. These numbers are guaranteed as well, if the utility targets are not met, Day Automation will make up the difference.

How will this project, upon completion, benefit our students, faculty, staff and community?
This project will ensure that every school building will be renovated to the highest standard, giving each student the same opportunity to learn and grow during their time at CPP. Having upgraded facilities will not only provide better experiences for students, faculty and staff, but will also benefit the community as a whole. 

Since the District has started renovations, more and more community organizations have used the facilities. Strong schools are at the foundation of every community and the District aims to have buildings that meet the community’s needs.

What is the tax impact of this project? How is the project being paid for?
The project will result in no tax increase for CPP residents as it is funded by leveraging New York State Building Aid, managing debt service payments, using the District’s existing capital reserve funds, and integrating the Energy Performance Contract.   

For 2018-19 the District’s tax rate was $24.17/$1,000 of Assessed Full Value. Included in that, $0.96/$1,000 was existing debt service for capital work. The current $0.96/$1,000 for debt service will remain at that level, and it will begin to decrease in 2021. 

While construction takes place, are there plans for how to accommodate learning and overall operations of buildings?
All instructional spaces will be renovated during the summer months in order to avoid any interference with programs during the school year.

Areas of the District are newly renovated, so why is the District doing more work?
While some of our facilities were recently renovated or had additions built, this project focuses on rectifying many underlying issues in our buildings and areas not yet renovated. There are spaces across the District that have not been renovated since their creation and need to be upgraded to ensure the health and safety of students and staff. The District has the opportunity from an equity standpoint to guarantee all students are educated in 21st century environments. You can see in the diagrams in this newsletter, areas that have been completed, and areas that have not been renovated or upgraded in the recent projects. The bus garage, for example, directly supports our students and overall operation every day and is in need of work. Window replacements will increase our energy efficiency. Roof replacements are needed at several of our schools. As you can see in photos here, or online, our elementary schools have areas that transition from the new additions to areas that need the same attention and upgrades to provide an equitable learning environment.

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