C-PP Print Shop

Last Updated: 7/22/2020 2:16 AM

Welcome to the C-PP Print Shop

We are here to serve and support our schools and departments!  We can meet a wide variety of printing and copying needs with our state of the art printing equipment, located at the District Office. Follow this Step by Step Ordering Process detailed in the section on the right side of this page, of how to have your job sent to the Print Shop. When completed, your order will be delivered in a timely manner right to your school! 


Main Contact:

Email: printshop@cppmail.com

Internal Phone: ext. 2701

Individual Contacts:

Rick Kimble, Supervisor of School Operations
Print Shop Administrator
ext. 2708

Jerry Dieg, C-PP Technology Director
Print Shop Technical Support

Ninette Bixby
Print Shop Technician

Nick Cavallaro
Print Shop Technician

Cindy Freeman
Print Shop Technician


Ordering and Delivery Process Information

If you have never ordered from the C-PP Print Shop before, Start Here:

Prior to your first print order from the C-PP Print Shop, your C-PP issued Windows desktop or laptop needs a one time configuration step to add the Print Shop Ordering System to your device.

CLICK HERE to view a short video tutorial on how to configure your device for the Print Shop. 

Once this step is completed, you will not have to do this again. From this point forward, start with the following step to place an order.



Ordering from the C-PP Print Shop:

Once you have completed the above "start here" step, from this point forward, you only need to follow the ordering process as detailed in our tutorial video:

CLICK HERE to view the short video tutorial on how to place an order.

If you would like to view a written version of how to order from the Print Shop, click here for that document.

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