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On Tuesday, September 24, 2019 Corning-Painted Post Area School District residents will have the opportunity to vote on the 2019-2020 Capital Improvement Project. The $88.6 million project will be the final step in capital work that began over ten years ago. Every building in the District will see renovation projects, some more involved than others, all to elevate and repair aging facilities and infrastructure.


This Capital Project will result in no tax increase for CPP residents and will actually lower tax rates over time.


“It’s a safety, security and infrastructure based plan,” Superintendent Michael Ginalski has stated with the bulk of work centered around continued school safety improvements, window replacements, modernizing and upgrading HVAC systems, finalizing asbestos abatement work, roof replacements, parking lot repairs, and handicapped accessibility improvements.


Following two votes that addressed the consolidation of buildings and other major renovation projects, some areas still have not received much attention since they were built in the late 1950s.


“There is still much to do,” Ginalski said, “this referendum does not support a “wants” plan, rather it’s a 100% needs-based plan.”


First on the list of renovations are the High School pool and tennis courts, both built in the 1970s and in desperate need of repair, with construction on the pool scheduled for November 2019.


Improvements will also be made to the elementary schools’ gymnasiums in addition to renovating the remaining untouched classrooms, corridors, lockers and toilet rooms. At Severn and Carder, the auditoriums will be converted into multipurpose rooms that will allow students to gather for events and assemblies, participate in STEM programs, take specialized physical education classes and more. Students at Calvin U. Smith can get excited about reading in a newly designed library that will be enclosed from the adjacent hallway.


The Bus Garage will be renovated top to bottom with updated ceilings, overhead doors, offices, kitchen, floors and parking lot. The Board of Education Building parking lot will also be repaired, receive necessary accessibility upgrades and have a section of roof replaced. These facilities improvements are increasingly important to support the daily operations of the District.


Across the District, energy saving building improvements, including all new LED lighting and modern utility controls, will be added as part of an Energy Performance Contract (EPC) completed by Day Automation. The EPC allows for the District to cover the costs of energy efficiency upgrades by using the savings generated by these upgrades. The energy savings and incentives offered by New York State will end up saving the District more than it initially spends, in addition to lowering tax rates over time. These numbers are guaranteed as well, if the utility targets are not met, Day Automation will make up the difference.


This project will culminate a nearly 30-year discussion about how to address District facilities and the Board of Education is adamant about keeping the District on track for renovations.


“When we began our community outreach in 2008-09, the one consistent theme we heard from residents from Lindley and East Corning and everywhere in between was that we must be committed going forward to never allowing our facilities to fall into disrepair again. We heard that loud and clear. This effort backs up our commitment to do so,” Ginalski said.


With this final push of Capital Project work, the District will be in a manageable situation and avoid major referendums in the future. Going forward, District residents will see small maintenance projects from 2030 and beyond, and this vote is crucial to get to that point.


This project will result in no tax increase for CPP residents as it is fully funded by leveraging New York State Building Aid, managing debt service payments and using the District’s existing capital reserve funds. By integrating the EPC into this project, the tax rate will lower beginning in 2021.


To maximize State funding, the project has been scheduled in phases, with the most critical areas to be renovated first. The final stages of work, located at the Middle School and High School, are planned to be completed by 2025.


“The CPP community told us clearly to maintain our facilities and this represents our pledge to do so,” Ginalski said.


This project will bring together over a decade’s worth of work in the Corning-Painted Post Area School District and continue the District’s proud history of providing the best programs and facilities for our children and community.


All District residents are encouraged to exercise their right to vote. Please click here for Voting Information.


For additional information please see our Frequently Asked Questions.



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