Social Work / DASA Coordinator

To contact the Social Workers, please contact the Main Office, (607) 654-2966

Social Workers/DASA Coordinators

There are many support services available to students and their families.

C-PP's Middle School Social Workers bring to the educational process an understanding of the psychosocial development of children as well as influences of family, community, and cultural differences as they interact with the educational process. With this background, they are able to mee the social and emotional needs of students in a school setting.  They can provide individual, group and crisis counseling, support to parents, and referrals to community agencies when necessary. They will also work collaboratively with community agencies and families to meet students' individual needs. 

C-PP Middle School's Dignity for All Students Act (DASA) Coordinators, work with the building principal and teachers to create a school environment that is free from discrimination and harassment.