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Parents & Families of the Class of 2017:

Mr. Simons provided us with an update on the graduation photographs this evening. The link at www.tinyurl.com/cppgrad17 is still experiencing delays on uploads, but the first 2,100 images are online at that link, roughly up through last names starting with "Ph." We expect the rest to come online tonight.

However, ALL PICTURES are available right now at this link: https://goo.gl/MfbS1R

That is a public Dropbox link at which you can view and download any of the 3,200+ pictures. Click on a thumbnail of any picture, and use the "Download" link button at the top right to save it to your computer.

Alphabet/image number notes: 
"A" – image 214
"Da" – Image 830
"Gig" – Image 1118
"Jones" – Image 1505
"M" – Image 1703
"Nev" – Image 1964
"Ra" – Image 2123
"Sou" – Image 2462
"Ust" – Image 2729
"Wer" – Image 2893
"Za" – Image 3074

Thank you for your patience and support of our student media volunteers, who worked hard to capture these images. We will use this experience to streamline our process in the future.

Again, congratulations to the Class of 2017!
Class of 2017 – CPPHS Graduation
Michael Simons