Substitute Staff Opportunities

Substitute Staff Rates
Instructional Staff Group Rate
Uncertified Teacher
(four year degree required)
Certified Teacher or
After 90 days of uncertified teacher service with CPPASD
Retired Teacher from another district $130.00/day
Retired Teacher from CPPASD $145.00/day
Pay Adjustment:
For every 20 days of subbing
Paraprofessional Group Hourly Rate
Teaching Assistants $10.90
Registered Professional Nurses $19.00
Support Staff Group Hourly Rate
Auto Mechanic $15.00
Bus Drivers, Delivery Drivers $13.50
Clerical $10.90
Cafeteria $10.70
Cleaners $10.90
Maintenance Mechanic $17.00
School Monitor/
Bus Attendant/ Teacher Aide
Effective: January 1, 2018

Employees who reasonably will be expected by the School District to provide services that involve direct contact with students under the age of 21 are required to be fingerprinted, as are those those applying for New York State Certification.

In accordance with these laws, you will need to be fingerprinted if you wish to proceed with your application for guest staff services in the Corning-Painted Post Area School District. You will be contacted after approval to schedule an appointment to complete the fingerprinting requirements. The fee for fingerprinting is $99.00 (several payment options are available).

Substitute Staff Teachers and Home Teachers must have completed a bachelor's degree and provide copies of transcripts.

Substitute Staff Applicants must include the following completed forms:

Teacher & Teacher Assistant Substitute Application
Support Staff Application
Recommendation Forms (Teachers & Teaching Assistants)
Substitute Staff Profile  (Teachers & Teaching Assistants)

PLEASE NOTE:  This Substitute Staff Application DOES NOT qualify you as a Teacher Candidate. You may DOWNLOAD a Teacher Candidate Application at:

Voice: (607) 936-3704
Fax: (607) 654-2725



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