Board of Education - Q and A

What are the Board's responsibilities?

  • To set policy within state and federal law.
  • To determine educational policy.
  • To oversee the administration of school programs and services.
  • To work closely with the superintendent to prepare an annual budget.

To serve on the Board you must be:

  • A qualified voter in the District.
  • A District resident for a period of one year immediately preceding election or appointment.
  • Able to read and write.
  • Other restrictions may apply (see Education Law Section 2:15) 

When do Board elections occur?

  • The annual election is held in May.
  • New York State law requires voters to be a United States citizen, 18 years or older, a resident of the School District for at least 30 days and registered to vote in general elections.
  • Polling places are located throughout the District. Voting locations are determined by where residents live. A list of polling places is available on this web site and at the Board of Education Building.

What types of meetings are conducted by the Board of Education?

The Board conducts regular business meetings, work sessions and committee meetings, all of which are open to the public.

  • Regular business meetings once per month 
  • Public hearings are held to receive community input.
  • An organizational meeting is held the first week of July, at which time the Board elects and appoints its officers.
  • Special meetings are may be called by any member of the Board to address a particular topic.
  • Executive sessions are not open to the public. These meetings are permitted only for a limited number of specific purposes including litigation, collective negotiations, proposed sale or lease of property, personnel matters, etc. With certain limited exceptions, no action can be taken on issues discussed in executive sessions without first returning to open sessions.

How do I find out about meetings?

  • A schedule of meetings is linked to this website, or is available at the Board of Education Building and in the annual District Calendar.
  • Public notice of all scheduled meetings is printed in the local newspaper.
  • An agenda for each Board meeting is available at the Board of Education Building on Monday prior to the Wednesday Board meeting.
  • Minutes of each Board meeting are posted at the Board of Education Building and in each school.
  • School District policy and procedure manuals are available at the Board of Education Building and at each school and other District facilities.

Additional Questions? Contact the District Clerk:

Karen Dutcher
(607) 936-3704

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